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Rules Of Chess
Rules of Chess

It is unclear as to the origin of chess, but history tells us chess began in India in the sixth century. Originally, it was a game for Kings and persons of nobility. The rules were slightly modified in the nineteenth century, but today in modern chess. more...

Chess Clubs
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We offer recreational play between members, tournament competition between clubs, and advanced private chess instructions for individuals who want to increase their rating or have a better understanding of chess. more...

Chess School
Chess Lessons

For Public and Private Schools: Infinia Chess, LLC is offering an Online Chess lessons for students who desire to learn to play chess. Recent studies conclude that students who play chess perform better on standardized tests. more...

Welcome to Infinia Chess
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Play Chess Online:

"Infinia Chess" designed as a professional and recreational chess site, for members who are interested in casual playing at all levels, for professional chess players and to provide excellent chess coaching for those who wish to learn more and increase their chess skills.

Chess Games:

Our mission is to promote and enjoy the game of online chess and to teach others how to play and enjoy chess games online.

What sets Infinia apart from other sites is the quality of "Infinia Lobby."

On any given day, you will find beginners to grandmaster's from all parts of the world having casual conversations and forming lasting relationships. The "Infinia Lobby" definitely has personality, interesting topics and the landing area for excellent chess games, events with the masters and informative chess lectures. Private lessons are available to learn how to play chess or to increase your chess rating.

There are rules that apply to conversations in the lobby. We monitor our lobby to maintain the intent of management, and that is - a place where family and friends can play chess, relax and have fun! ( Infinia Rules of Conduct. )

Now that you have read our rules of conduct, come choose your "font color" and enjoy a free chess game. Come join one of the fastest growing and most welcoming and helpful chess sites on the internet. Online Chess is fun!

We will look for you there!


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